Hello my name is Jasmine Kier, Thanks for visiting Reflective Art Online! I want to tell you a little more about me!
My career as an artist has so far spanned twenty-five years; promoting prolifically at expos, markets, galleries and exhibitions nationwide selling enamelled glass and copper. International and nationwide success has allowed me to showcase to the diverse demographic of NZ from Auckland to tiny towns like Bluff, mainly stationed at the Queenstown Art Market and The Christchurch Arts Centre. Having chosen to now specialise in original oxidised copper pieces I now bring you functional art for your home, my ideas are usually related to our environment and the spaces we live either in subject or situation.
My interest lies deep within our natural world and the connection between man and his impact...or lack of impact, whichever the case may be. I adore creating abstract pieces that hint at a landscape be it realistic or fantasy, thus allowing the viewer to drift into thoughts of our connection to ‘The big picture’.
Reflective Arts oxidised copper is contemporary and industrial; it celebrates the raw material enhancing it as art or an item made bespoke as a functional installation for your home or garden. I can seal the piece hence stopping the oxidising process or leave it to evolve so you can follow the natural life of your piece of copper, drawing out the further beauty in your setting.
  • Garden features
  • Dynamic wall feature integrated into the construction of your home
  • Splash-back
  • Kitchen island counter
  • Doors
  • Art Size does not matter! Give me a challenge and I will find a way to impress your guests with industrial, raw impact!