Is the artwork sealed?

Yes, the premade art is sealed with a lacquer. I do this to capture what I see when it emerged from the fume chamber. If you wish to have, your commissioned piece unsealed I am happy to do so.


What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pieces?

I use different timbers on the framework. To cope with weather conditions, I use H3 treated timbers or hardwood like a macrocarpa to ensure the lifetime of the art.


What do I use to clean copper?

This will depend entirely on whether your piece is sealed or unsealed and its location, e.g. a splash-back will need more cleaning than an art installation. Upon purchase, you will be given care instructions specifically for your acquisition.


What if the tiles do not fit my space, can I cut them?

Reflective Art will work with you, your designer or architect to deliver the perfect sized tile to create an aesthetically pleasing finish for your installation. You can not cut the copper tiles.


How thick is the copper?

I use different grades of copper for different specifications. An art piece does not need to be as durable as a splash-back or kitchen island frontage. Reflective Art will always deliver the most cost-effective grade for your space.


Can I design my own piece and have it made?

You most certainly can! I love to work with my clients to ensure a bespoke treasure that you will adore for years. As my granddad use to say…wo brains are always better than one.


How do I hang my art?

Yes, all of the artwork, no matter what size will be ready for you to hang. Each piece will have the correct attachments to suit its size and weight. It is up to you to have the proper fixing in your wall to cope with the smaller pieces; however for larger installations, I am happy to hang upon delivery. Charges may apply.