Oxidized copper plate - AP014
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Oxidized copper plate - AP014

$45.00 NZD

Each oxidised copper square is handmade in New Zealand by a passionate artist delivering unique art to your home. These are not prints, each piece is an original works in it's own right...made from actual copper...YAY!!

Moulded around a 150mm x 150mm mounting board will enhance your space adding a real touch of class to your home.

Reflective Arts copper is timeless and will remain so as I have only enhanced the raw material which has been brought to life with oxidising then the pattern has been sealed to retain its beauty for many years to come.

Choose 1,2 or 3 pieces as a gift, or more for your own contemporary horizontal or vertical installation. Why not 9 or 16 more to form a larger square? Each piece is so different in detail yet will compliment each other when built up to form your own impressive collage in your room. Style to the max for sure!

Start your collection today and make gifts from your family easy in the future…just add a piece until you are satisfied with your look

*****These art plaques have been designed for indoors*****

Outdoor works are identified when listed.